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Dear Friends & Supporters,

One more year down. And, it has been an exciting one. As I reflect on all that God has done, I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness for your support through the years. This work is not always glamorous. Helping the hurting, loving the broken, and serving the oppressed is not easy. Only one thing is guaranteed in this field: it is messy. But, it is also good. When we feel weak, it is a reminder that we cannot attempt anything in our own strength. God’s faithfulness, coupled with your support and encouragement, is a constant reminder that we are not alone. I am not. The Grace Network is not. Trafficking victims are not. Suffering people are not. We have One who fights for us and He’s resourced His people to respond to injustice in our city. So, THANK YOU for another year of response!

THANK YOU for TGN’s resource line when last week we received a call to assist a foreign-born kidnapping and sex trafficking survivor with two children: 7 yrs and 5 weeks old!

THANK YOU for the police officer that reached out to TGN in the middle of the night to assist in the recovery of a young woman out of street-level sex trafficking!

THANK YOU for the school teacher who expressed her extreme gratitude for TGN designing a smart phone application with immediate access to resources to help her homeless students!

THANK YOU for the backpacks, school supplies, hygiene items, clothing, and other items that were given to numerous child abuse and teen sex trafficking survivors throughout the year!

THANK YOU for allowing TGN to engage 20 counties in California to equip and empower first-responders throughout the state to combat all forms of human trafficking!

We anticipate phenomenal impact in 2015. January will hopefully bring us into our 5,000 sq. ft. resource center right in the heart of Old North Sacramento near Del Paso Heights. Be on the lookout for additional updates soon! We look forward to showing you this tangible place of hope and refuge in the midst of a desperate community. Stay connected to TGN’s progress and highlights by viewing our new website and to learn more about our updated vision, mission, and impact.

Please continue to pray for, remember, and graciously consider supporting The Grace Network with your monthly, one-time, and year-end contributions. You are an amazing community of people. We love you and genuinely THANK YOU for piercing the darkness with us!


Chris Stambaugh
Founder & Network Director


GraceCity Logo
In January, we pioneered a project to design a centralized, user-friendly mobile resource app allowing first-responders immediate access to short- and long-term services for exploited and high-risk individuals. By August, we named this project GraceCity™ and went live with the application on the Apple App Store. In just three months, we’ve resourced 600 first-responders to holistically combat all forms of human trafficking in the Sacramento region! In that time, we’ve also engaged with 20 counties throughout California that want GraceCity™ live in their community. The Android version will be released before the end of 2014, and we anticipate much growth and expansion in 2015. Download GraceCity™ now and resource yourself to fight human trafficking!
Recovered Young Lady
Grace (an alias) was lured to Alaska by a predator. Not having many friends or family, Grace has been vulnerable the past five years. She recently met a man on the Internet, who convinced her to fly and meet him. When she arrived, he was violent, angry, and kicked her out of his house. 3,000 miles away, Grace was homeless and helpless in an unfamiliar city. Knowing TGN can help, Grace called TGN’s resource line and spoke with the amazing Bri Walker, a TGN employee. TGN booked Grace an air flight and provided emotional support from Alaska back to her hometown of Sacramento. Since then, we’ve placed mentors in her life and got her connected to a local church. Two weeks ago, of her own choosing, she was baptized by her new church family. Please pray for Grace and THANK YOU for being part of her redemption story!
Wind Center Pic
We’ve been in the process of possibly acquiring a 5,000 sq. ft. youth center in the heart of Old North Sacramento near Del Paso Heights. The center contains a health clinic, classroom, computer lab, recording studio, laundry room, commercial kitchen, gathering space, and much more! We will use it as a resource hub to train and mobilize people to fight human trafficking and offer resources to local youth in the community. Please keep this opportunity in your prayers!
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