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Resource Coordination

Resource Line

Operates Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm for first-responders, trafficking victims, and high-risk individuals to provide need assessment and resource coordination.

Resource Website

Serves as a mobilizing mechanism by being a first-point of entry into the fight against human trafficking via network registration and current event information.

Resource App

Provides a centralized, user-friendly platform allowing first-responders immediate access to short- and long-term services for exploited and high-risk individuals.

Resource Center

Functions as an event venue, resource hub, creative space, recording studio, computer lab, and learning center for trafficking survivors and urban youth.

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First-Responders Resourced
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Training & Mobilization

– Groups We Engage –

First Responders | Law Enforcement | Social Workers | Churches | School Districts | Businesses
Attorneys | County Agencies | Hospitals | Service Providers

Training Provided:

  How to Address All Forms of Human Trafficking

  How to Engage Your Church to Fight Trafficking

  How to Engage Your City to Fight Trafficking

  How to Use GraceCity Mobile Resource App

  How to Work with Trafficking Victims

People Engaged in the Fight

Technical Assistance:

  Accessing Resources for Trafficking Victims

  Creating Events to Engage Your Community

  Facilitating Training for First-Responders

  Launching an Anti-trafficking Collaborative

  Launching Outreaches for Trafficking Victims

People in the Resource Network

Creative Events

Anti-Trafficking Events

Spring Training (Spring)

FOCUS: Bring together churches, law enforcement, and the social work field to be equipped and empowered in the fight.


FOCUS: Unite the arts community to rally the city of Sacramento to gather for an inspirational night to combat human trafficking.

Severing The Tie (Fall)

FOCUS: Recruit healthy families to adopt, foster, or mentor at-risk youth as a means to prevent child sex trafficking.

December Dessert (Winter)

FOCUS: Engage the business community with opportunities to partner with The Grace Network year-round.

Regional Network Gathering (Year-Round)

FOCUS: Facilitate human trafficking training and education in addition to networking and resource sharing among first-responders.

Creative Services Coordinated

  Dance Choreography

  Event Planning

  Graphic Design

  Keynote Speech

  Live Art

  Motivational Message

  Musical Performance


  Spoken Word Poetry


* All elements are geared towards anti-trafficking *


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