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Greetings Grace Network,

2014 HAS STARTED WITH A BANG! We’ve been working hard, getting geared up, and are excited for all that this year will continue to bring for the movement against child sex trafficking and adult exploitation in the Sacramento region. Since Jan 1st, our team has engaged with, presented to, or trained over 500 people on human trafficking. In addition to this, we continue to help coordinate resources for survivors of exploitation and those high-risk. Here’s a few direct service highlights:
Three weeks ago, TGN was consulting on a labor trafficking case that involved multiple foreign-born victims. Unfortunately, the operation fell through. That’s reality. It happens. We just keep fighting!
Two weeks ago, TGN coordinated transportation for Grace #1, a 31 yr old sex trafficking survivor, to successfully enter into a safe house. Rock on!
Two days ago, TGN was collaborating on a case that involves Grace #2, a 17 yr old child sex trafficking victim, who received information for two safe houses in close proximity to where she is now. Still waiting to hear the outcome…
Yesterday morning, TGN provided a $100.00 gas card to Grace #3, a 26 yr old single mom and domestic violence survivor, so that she and her son could drive and be in community with others who care about her. Everybody needs a support system!

#1 – Through an established viable resource in the community
#2 – Through a service agreement with a pro bono professional
#3 – Through a resource request sent to the e-mail network


Though TGN’s work is primarily focused in Northern California, we have a huge heart for the nations! A small team of TGN’ers will be headed toNorthern Jordan at the end of this month to assess and assist some of the 140,000 displaced Syrians in the Zaatari refugee camp (pictured above). Reports disclose that many of the women and children are vulnerable to and being lured into sex trafficking. For more information about the Syrian refugee crisis, please click HERE. Please pray for our team, Syrian families, and consider how you may feel led to help our global brothers and sisters with financial, material, or human resources now and in the future.


S A V E T H E D A T E:
The Grace Network Presents:
“SPRING TRAINING” – TGN’s 1st Network Gathering of 2014

*Learn from local and international anti-trafficking experts*
*Build relationships with other passionate advocates*
*Connect with organizations in the daily fight*
*Participate in an engaging Q&A panel*
*Get equipped with tools to fight*
*Enjoy dinner and drinks*
*Hear about GCA*
(what is GCA? Sorry, it’s a secret… you gotta come to find out!)

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
Origin Coffee & Tea
2168 Sunset Boulevard
Rocklin, CA 95765

Be on the lookout for more info regarding events, strategic projects, practical ways to get involved, and specific needs to be met for trafficking victims and high-risk youth. Please also visit TGN’s website to learn more and if you haven’t done so, yet, please connect with us on social media!

TGN’s Leadership Team
P.O. Box 15131 | Sacramento, CA 95851
Resource Line: (916) 850-0846

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